UnknownPlus Staff

UnknownPlus Staff

Our Team of professionals are here to help you and lead the organisation in the best direction possible.

  • Kickball

    Kickball is the Founder and CEO of UnknownPlus. He created UnknownPlus over 3 years ago with the goal of creating a welcoming and popular TeamSpeak server with a focus on League of Legends. After the popularity of the TeamSpeak server he has worked to plan out expansions for the company. He manages the company vision and ensures that it is going in the right direction strategically. He also ensures that company policy is as it should be and that the management staff are fulfilling their roles within the company. He enjoys learning, problem solving and challenges....Read More

  • xpecx

    xpecx is the CO - Owner of UnknownPlus. He has previous experience playing professional E-Sports in Call Of Duty and now runs Impulse Gaming E-Sports team where he is Team Captain and in-game leader of a CS:GO team. His job at UnknownPlus is working with the staff and the users to make the best possible experience for each user and a enjoyable one at that, as well as setting up new partnerships with external sources. He is also one of the media fronts for UnknownPlus attending major gaming events round the world. He enjoys playing multiple games with all-time favourites League of Legends and CS:GO, you will find him on TeamSpeak in his office and can watch him live on Twitch/YouTube. Email: xpecx@unknownplus.com...Read More

  • AndyR207

    I am the Lead Systems Administrator for UnknownPlus. I make stuff. It works. It doesn't work. Who cares?   Bruh...Read More

  • Paddy

    Paddy is the COO of UnknowPlus, I am a member of the Impulse Gaming Network, I run UPL and if I think of anything else I'll put it here. Also, did you hear the cake wasn't a lie? I know, shocking. Derp out....Read More

  • RavehDaveh

    RavehDaveh has been working for UnknownPlus since 2014. He is responsible for staffing of the TeamSpeak server and assists with TeamSpeak server configuration. RavehDaveh is an avid league player of rank Gold, and will frequently be found playing league and chatting with friends on TeamSpeak while not working. RavehDaveh enjoys Science Fiction films, and can occasionally be discovered (read "never stops") drinking good quality Vodka or Whisky....Read More