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Wed 5th Aug 2015 - 9:22pm : Gaming

So once again we’ve begun our adventure in Cologne for Gamescom 2015. After a day of scams (never accept the rose), Counter Strike, VR, more Counter Strike and all sorts of gaming fun, we’re here to tell you about some of the highlights!


Of course we started our day with a McDonald’s breakfast, like any self respecting adult would. Followed by a long and tedious debate about which train to take to the Messe(?) which resulted in walking. Once we finally made it to the event, we spent the first 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get our lanyards. After we discovered there was a huge box full of them clearly on display and we were finally ready to check out some games.


One of the first things that caught our eye in the Trade Visitors area was a Chinese development company called “China Animation Characters Company”, which combined a there own Virtual Reality Goggles and a gun peripheral that resembled a P90. Holoween was our guinea pig for this one. Holoween had never had any experience with the new generation of VR before this and we’re not sure this was a good introduction to the medium. He was impressed by the motion tracking, however the resolution was not up to the standard that we’re used to in gaming. Understandably the Chinese company’s technology is in development and Oculus’ goggles have only recently broken into high definition even with the funding they have access to. All in all the game Holo played was apparently enjoyable enough, if a bit buggy.

 After Leaving the Trade Visitors zone, we headed into hall 10.2. This hall was predominantly PC and Indie Games, with a few interesting exhibits. We spent a while playing crowd-funded medieval RPG “Kingdom Come: Deliverance”, the demo involved a little bit of free roam but the main feature was a combat exercise. The combat seemed complex and maybe a little bit overwhelming at first but after a few attempts xpecx managed to defeat the farmer on easy.


“He was sick with a sword though”

- xpecx

 Next up we went a few thousand years into the future with another crowd-funded game you might have heard of, or even played; “Elite: Dangerous”. The game’s been released for around a year or so but console releases are imminent. We did however play on PC, as top of the range joysticks and throttles are much more fun than an Xbox controller. Unfortunately the only playable part of the game were short and limited tutorials which didn’t seem to convey the full potential of the game. We did have a good time with the high-end set up that was available though.

The next game we all had go on was “Orcs Must Die! Unchained”, the MOBA-like spin-off of the popular Robot Entertainment game  ‘Orcs Must Die!” and it’s sequel. Our group of five played another assembled of strangers. Each team was assigned a captain from Robot Entertainment booth staff. Our captain assigned Charetard and SirDrake to defense and xpecx, Judd and Holoween to offence. We all had a lot of fun; Charetard especially took a shining to it as he’s a big fan of the original games. The game played a lot like “Orcs Must Die!”, setting traps and using magical abilities to defend your base from enemy orcs. However in the case of “Orcs Must Die! Unchained” the enemy team is sending the waves of orcs and you have your own army of orcs attacking the enemy’s base. Much like a MOBA there were lanes however the teams lanes were separated and minions never crossed, towers were replace by mobile and powerful guardians. Needless to say all of our years playing games together showed and we defeated our opponents by a fair margin. Predictably, Charetard was our MVP with the most kills and assists on both teams, we think his hero might have been OP though…


 Next we headed to the ESL Intel Extreme Masters stage, where we arrived in time to see a fairly one sided counter strike game between SK Gaming and CLG. SK Gaming were as good as clear winners for the majority of the match although CLG did manage to claw back a few rounds. Although the game wasn’t as thrilling as some of us were used to, we’re all big counter strike fans and as you may know Unknown+ are the owner and sponsor of our own eSports team “Impulse Gaming”. Needless to say we were in our element. So we stayed for the rest of the game and at half time and as the room filled with more pro counter strike players some of us went to get a picture with KennyS and Kioshima. As we approached them they were incredibly polite and even stepped out into the middle of the aisle so that everyone could get in the picture.


After the Counter Strike game, we split up and had a more casual look around. Drake, Judd and xpecx picked up some merchandise from the ESL store. Drake got himself a Titan jersey as there were no Envyus ones available, xpecx got his second Fnatic jersey and his first Fnatic jacket and Judd picked up a very nice Cloud9 jersey and a hoodie.

Once we grouped back up we all headed off to play FIFA; not by choice, by force. Charetard needed someone to play with and wouldn’t leave us alone until we went with him. You’ll be able to read his blog post on FIFA here.


After FIFA we split up once again, Drake and Charetard headed off to watch Bethesda’s Fallout 4 demo. They didn’t get all of the information as the presentation was in German; however the gameplay they did see was very exciting. The demo began with a Disney style Pip Boy animation, based off of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system. This animation style appeared to be a consistent theme throughout the game. The skill tree was an interesting part of the demo, each S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute had 10 perks and each perk had 10 levels, how expansive and customizable this is was unclear to us. After showing the skill tree the demo didn’t show much as far as exciting features shown before (e.g. base building, weapon crafting, RPG systems). After the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system the demo mostly consisted combat with Ghouls and Bandits, with weapons we had seen before like the Laser Musket and the Fat Man. We’re still excited for the game but the demo didn’t show anything we hadn’t seen before or expected.

We decided to end the day with some more Counter Strike at the IEM arena. We got there just in time to catch the second half of the Envyus vs MouzSports game. It was a close finish with Envyus Leading for most of the first half and Mouz bringing the game up to 14 – 16. After the game we managed to get pictures with most of the players. Drake got his Titan shirt signed by Envyus (don’t ask), and we all got pictures with Mouz. They were all super cool guys and 100% willing to give us their time.


So that concludes our first day of Gamescom 2015. Below we leave you with a few more pictures but make sure to check the gallery later this week for all of our pictures and maybe something special.





Lewis James

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